Your Character 

A Short Introduction 

Our Character can be defined as our emotional and mental attitude towards a specific object, situation or event. As opposed to a normal personality trait, the Character is innate in us and is not acquired or forced; it simply “is”.

Core of our personality

Our moral and mental attitude towards things we see or experience is the core of our personality. It is not our capacity to reason, evaluate or choose. It is the first step that takes us to that momentous decision when it comes to action, reaction or inaction.

“Everyday events, positive or negative, motivate us to act, react or to remain impassive. In fact, when we are faced with a certain situation, we feel a certain level of stress and immediately make our mind jump to the first action we think of to counteract this feeling. For example, if you hear a bird sing, you immediately begin to whistle, although you are not really thinking about whistling and you do not have a definite plan or thought process to start whistling.”

Anthony Webster, CEO Yoga studio

Now, what are the most complex and the simplest action you can take in life? You can be whistling at this very moment!


On the other hand, when we are in a meeting, we can have an already-defined plan of how we would like to proceed, but we are not mentally excited because our subconscious mind is still in a pre-planned mode. When this happens, the moment we start talking or giving a speech, we cannot stop ourselves from being in a state of arousal and excitement.

I believe that such instances, which happen so often, are caused by the fact that our character is not activated. The Result of such situation can be situations that are already going haywire in our life and our daily activities.

However, if we allow our character to be activated, we will be far more productive in our life and achieve more than we would have if we did not have our character activated.

Character is the key to our success. It can determine whether we are rich poor, happy, sad, successful or unsuccessful. It is the king of all the skills in life.

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Thus, it is said that Character is an indicator of our emotional tendencies, behaviors and reactions in life. As we analyze it through the lens of today’s society, it is clear that the answer to the question “what is my character?” is already written in our own DNA.